Press Review - December 6, 2018

12.06.2018 By Oana Gavrila

Finance Minister Denies Wage Freeze Plans for 2019

Finance minister Eugen Teodorovici denied on Wednesday allegations that the government is considering freezing public sector wages next year.

He said the laws raising wages and pensions would apply and the ministry is drafting the state budget for next year allocating all the necessary resources.


Leu Loses Ground vs Euro

The Romanian leu on Wednesday lost 0.05% on the day to the euro, reaching a midday reference rate of 4.542 units to the euro from Tuesday's rate of 4.6519.

The leu also weakened against the US dollar, reaching a reference rate of 4.1024 Wednesday from Tuesday's rate of 4.0776.


Iohannis Says Ruling Party Incapable of Creating Competent Government

Romanian president Klaus Iohannis said he has not finished analyzing the ruling party's proposed ministers for transport and regional development.

He said the ruling Social Democrat Party is incapable of appointing a competent and capable government and Cabinet reshuffles are just for show, to give the impression of work.

Iohannis added he refuses to partake in the “circus”. Asked what would happen since ministers' resignations take effect within 15 days, the head of state said the ruling party can propose competent people for minsters.

“This PSD headed by Liviu Dragnea is incapable of generating a competent government,” he said, adding the current administration is very very weak.


Iohannis: "Educated Romania" - a Strategic Project, Not an Election Platform

Romanian president Klaus Iohannis said the project “Educated Romania” he initiated and put up for public debate is a strategic project and not his reelection platform.

The project seeks to outline the foundations of the country's education system for the 21st century and the future. Iohannis said the project is not a draft law and is not simply a political project but the basis for the education of future generations.

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