Press Review - June 13, 2018

06.13.2018 By Oana Gavrila

Labor Minister Threatens Head of State with Impeachment

Labor minister Olguta Vasilescu said the head of state could be suspended unless he makes a decision soon and revokes chief anticorruption prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi, as dictated by the Constitutional Court.

Iohannis said on Tuesday he needs more time to examine the reasoning behind a decision of the Constitutional Court which forces him to dismiss a chief anticorruption prosecutor from office, as he wants to fully understand it.

He said the court decision raised more questions than it answered.

“In its current stage, I admit that the reasoning brings forth more questions than clarifications, but maybe further examination will bring us closer to the truth. We shall see,” he said.

The Romanian President questioned whether CCR’s decision hands over too much power to the Justice Minister and if it means prosecutors can still be effectively independent. Iohannis announced that he is ready to ask these questions in a public debate, which might end with a referendum on the issues.


Social Democrats Claim President Remarks Encourage Civil Disobedience

Romania’s ruling Social Democrat Party claims that remarks made Tuesday by President Klaus Iohannis about a controversial Constitutional Court decision encourage civil disobedience and that his actions are dangerous to the country's constitutional order.

The social democrats (PSD) issued a press release on Tuesday afternoon, shortly after Iohannis said that the reasoning document of a recent Constitutional Court decision which forces him to dismiss a top anti-corruption prosecutor “raises more questions than answers”.

PSD claims that the president’s remarks and his delay in respecting the court’s decision equal to encouraging civil disobedience, as citizens acting in a similar manner could delay complying with legal provisions.

PSD reminds in the statement that Constitutional Court decisions are final and mandatory in any circumstances and that it is the only institution able to correctly interpret Romania’s Constitution.

The ruling party also questioned the autonomy of the president’s decisions, claiming that he chooses to ignore “serious abuses” made by anti-corruption prosecutors against politicians.

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