Press Review - March 9, 2018

03.09.2018 By Oana Gavrila

Hungarian Minority Party Says Anticorruption Agency Scandal Should Be Laid to Rest

Hungarian Minority Party president Kelemen Hunor said ruling social democrats' bid to have chief anticorruption prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi dismissed should be laid to rest.

“This matter needs to be closed. President Iohannis said he has confidence in her and will not dismiss her. She refuses to resign. The justice minister did what he could legally. We need to end this. The chief prosecutor's term ends in over a year and there is no point in insisting on the matter since nothing changes,” said Kelemen Hunor.


Transgaz Borrows Money From EBRD After Govt Stripped It of Profit

Romania's national gas transmission company had to borrow RON278 million from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) after the government stripped it of its profit by demanding RON319 million in early dividends.

Transgaz borrowed money from the EBRD to build the Romanian section of the BRUA gas pipeline.


People With High Debt Don't Qualify for Safe Loans

Mortgage loans with fixed interest are a safer solution for the long term after the central bank said the ROBOR interest rate, used to calculate loans in lei, will continue to grow.

Fixed interest loans, however, are more expensive than variable interest loans, which makes the unaffordable to people with low salaries or who get income from intellectual property rights.

One third of Romanians who have mortgage loans earn less than RON2,000 a month and their monthly installments exceed 60% of their income.


Easter Vacation Could be Longer If Good Friday Is Added to National Holidays

State and private sector employees could have a longer Easter vacation this year if the head of state promulgates a bill declaring Good Friday a legal holiday.

The Parliament has voted to include Good Friday among legal holidays and the bill must be signed by the president into law.

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