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Summary of main taxes

  • Standard Corporate Tax: fixed rate of 16%
  • Tax for nightclubs and gambling operations: 5% of total revenue, or 16% of profit, whichever is higher
  • Tax on micro-enterprises (turnover < EUR 100,000): 3% of the turnover
  • Tax for representative offices: annual flat tax of EUR 4,000
  • Standard Individual Tax: flat rate of 16%


Social Security Contributions:

Contribution Type



Social security (CAS)



Social health insurance (CASS)



Unemployment fund



Holiday and social health insurance indemnity


0.85% (applied to the salary fund) – capped at 12 times the minimum wage (currently RON 800)

Accidents insurance fund contribution


0.15% - 0.85%

depending on Romanian CAEN of the company

Salary guarantee fund




  • Standard Withholding Tax: 16%; 
  • Withholding tax on payments to Romanian residents:
  • Dividends to Romanian resident companies[1]      16%
  • Dividends to Romanian resident individuals        16%
  • Interest to Romanian resident companies               0%
  • Royalties to Romanian resident companies            0%
  • Withholding tax on payments to non-residents:
  • Dividends to non-resident companies[2]                16%
  • Dividends to non-resident individuals                  16%
  • Interest to non-resident companies[3]                    16%
  • Royalties to non-resident companies[3]                                   16%
  • The WHT rates may be reduced by double taxation treaties or EU Directives.
  • Tax on capital gains from transfers of securities: 16%.
  • Standard VAT rate: 24%;
  • Reduced VAT rates: 9% and 5%;
  • Operations exempt with credit;
  • Operations exempt without credit.


Additional information:

Fiscal procedures/administration

Direct taxes

Personal income taxation

Local taxes

Indirect taxes

[1] Dividend payments are exempt from tax if the recipient company has owned at least 10% of the distributing company’s share capital continuously for 2 years.

[2] By virtue of the EU Parent/Subsidiary Directive, as from 1 January 2009, profit distributions made by a subsidiary in Romania to its parent company (i.e. which has a holding of at least 10%  for an uninterrupted period of at least 2 years) located in an EU/EFTA Member State, have been exempt from withholding tax.

[3] As from 1 January 2011, interest and royalty payments made to an associated company (one of the companies has a direct minimum holding of 25% in the other, or both are held under more than 25% common ownership for a non-interrupted period of at least 2 years) from an EU/EFTA Member State have been exempt from withholding tax.

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Source: KPMG - Investment in Romania report (May 2013)

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