Ford Sets Eyes On Rivals’ Car Dealers

05.09.2011 ZF English

The import unit of Ford Romania, the second largest local carmaker, plans to open ten new centers this year and half of them will be "converted" centers, namely firms that will give up brands they're selling currently to enter Ford network.

Ford's expansion this year comes as seven dealers remained outside the network last year in line with a ZF survey, when imports were transferred from Romcar, part of Tiriac Holdings, to Ford Romania.

The seven did not sign a new contract with the importer either from reasons quoted by the importer, or from other reasons.

"(…) Out of the ten new Ford centres, four will be built from scratch. Thus, part of the new Ford dealers will come from other brands," said Henrik Henzen, head of Ford Romania's import unit.

As the new centres are opened, the network will expand from 37 to 47 integrated centres by yearend. Additionally, servicing centres of the brand will be added to the network nationwide.


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