Highway Plan For 2014: Works Start For 400 Km, Just 60 Km Set For Delivery

01.07.2014 By Andreea Neferu

The Romanian company in charge of roads and highways (CNADNR) plans to start in 2014 the building works for almost 400 km of new highways, with costs estimated at some EUR5.8 billion, according to a ZF survey.

Also, 2014 will see three new highway “segments” with a total length of almost 60 km be added to the national network. Works for these segments started in 2011.

While no new highway works were launched in 2013, 2014 will see works start for 400 km of highways, which will be built both on the back of EU funds and concession.

The most important projects by construction value are the 3 highways the state wants to build under concession, namely Comarnic-Brasov, Craiova-Pitesti and Bucharest’s southern beltway at a highway standard.

For now, the state has announced only the private investors set to fund the Comarnic-Brasov highway, namely French Vinci, Greek Aktor and Austria’s Strabag, which will build the highway for an estimated cost of EUR1.2 billion.

The names of the other private investors willing to fund the other two highways will be announced this year, with works expected to start after contracts are signed.

Overall, the three highway sections to be built under concession, totaling 230 km, will cost some EUR5 billion.

Works for the 70 km of highway between Sebes and Turda are due to start in 2014 as well. The highway, funded with EU money, will cost 6 million euro per kilometer on average. Also, works for another 100 km, on Timisoara-Lugoj-Deva route should also begin this year, according to ZF information.

On the other hand, while over the past two years Romania’s highway network has added more than 250 km, 2014 will not see a similar spree of launches.

Highway sections with a total length of around 60 km, on Orastie-Sibiu and Nadlac-Arad routes, are due to be opened to traffic this year.

As a matter of fact, works for the two sections making up Nadlac-Arad highway, virtually the gateway to Romania from western Europe, should be resumed this year.

(English version by Catalina Apostoiu)

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