Romania Has 8.5 SMEs Per 1.000 Inhabitants, More Than Germany, Outranked By Bulgaria

06.12.2015 By Gabriela Stan

Romania is on the last positions in EU by the number of small-and-medium sized enterprises per 1.000 inhabitants, outranked by neighbors like Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland, but similar with developed markets including Germany (less than 8 per 1.000 inhabitants) and Austria.

Thus, Romania has 8.5 SMEs per 1.000 inhabitants, half compared with Bulgaria (18.8) and much lower than Hungary and Poland (13 SMEs per 1.000 inhabitants), while the EU average stands at 12.2 per 1.000 inhabitants.

According to EY’s Entrepreneurs speak out – Romanian Entrepreneurship Barometer 2015, SMEs in Romania create 44% of the gross-value-added in economy, compared with 59% in EU, and less than 40% of them register profit, while the weight of SMEs in the total number of companies is similar with the EU level, of over 99%.


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