ZF Bankers Summit ’15

Ghetea, CEC Bank: Bank-Client Relation, The Weak Point Of The Banking System

06.08.2015 By Gabriela Stan

The bank-client relation is the weakest point in the Romanian and regional banking systems, thus, this should be fixed as soon as possible for the local economy to benefit from lending opportunities, given the overwhelming level of banking brokerage services in Romania, Radu Ghetea, CEC Bank president and honorary president of Romanian Banking Association (ARB), told ZF Bankers Summit’15.

 “There are other current weak points, like the external ones, there are also perspectives of mergers, acquisitions, restructuring of shareholders structure in the banking system,” Ghetea added.

As for positive issues, Ghetea said the banking system managed to face the financial crisis without major problems that would trigger insolvencies or bankruptcy.


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