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The world is changing at a faster pace than we could have imagined. Therefore, we need to reinvent ourselves, to accept changes as a natural form of expression of the current reality.

The global trend in the corporate event market is aimed at novelty and innovation, drones, digital entertainment, speaker holograms and digital gifts.

In Romania, the most modern complex dedicated to corporate events (evenimentelor corporate) provides companies with complete, high quality services.

The complex is called Face Convention Center and so far has hosted product launches, galas, conferences and congresses for companies in industries such as: telecommunications, digital marketing, oil, retail, online commerce, IT, fashion, banks, auto.

Exclusively, Florin Pandilică gave an interview about the services that reinvent the corporate events in the capital:

1. The corporate event market is diversified, but the concept encountered at the Face Convention Center is clearly differentiated from others. What do you plan to bet on in the next period?

As before, we rely on top quality. We are differentiated by the complete services offered in an exclusive framework. We have 4 generous spaces, equipped with the latest technologies, specially created to meet all the safety and entertainment requirements that an event imposes.

In addition, we continue to invest frequently to increase service quality standards.

2. In Romania, employee loyalty is also achieved by organizing parties. What determines business managers to want to through a party for their employees?

The current trend adopted by the companies’ managers is to motivate their employees through entertainment.

We believe that this is one of the reasons why they choose to work with us - they have absolutely everything they want in one place.

3. Which companies most often organize parties for their employees?

Telecommunications and marketing companies invest in parties for employees (petreceri destinate angajaţilor), focusing a lot on their motivation.

4. A landmark for business events in the capital, Face Convention Center has set new standards in the local industry. How did this happen?

As I told you, our mission was to offer outstanding moments and complete services at the highest standards in one place.

Complete spaces and services as we have at the Face Convention Center don’t exist anywhere else in Romania, which is also one of the reasons why we are so appreciated by the companies that come to us.

The standards you refer to are the natural answer to the exigence with which we have chosen to implement each project hosted by the Face Convention Center.

5. At the end of each year, companies choose to organize a corporate party for their employees. What makes a party memorable?

In order for a party to be truly extraordinary, we offer our customers complete high quality services. The exclusive interior design also plays an important role, alongside the diversified and personalized culinary menu, state-of-the-art technical equipment, as well as the entertainment services offered by choreographers, DJs and international entertainers. The culinary pampering is provided by the famous Chef Martin White.

Again, an important aspect is the adaptability of the 4 spaces. We have 800 square meters of LED panels, top lighting and sound systems. Last but not least, we always create successful setups, according to the requirements received from the client.

6. What was the first requirement you had for the architects who designed the complex?

We wanted the spaces to be as safe as possible. Safety was and is still our number one priority, the complex having all the ISU (Fire Safety) permits.

7. What are the most important aspects that company managers should take into account in order for the anniversary party to be successful?

In this case, the design and capacity of the location matters a lot. In addition to the full services and the highly diversified food & beverage category, they should also consider the generous parking that we provide, thus eliminating unpleasant situations.

8. Given that the Face Convention Center is the largest complex dedicated to corporate events in the Capital, where did the idea for ​​such an investment come from?

We were witnessing a visible development of the corporate environment, but could not benefit from spaces dedicated to large-scale corporate events. Since then, we felt that we did an excellent job every day, for which our customers continue to thank us.

9. Can you tell us the secret of the Face Convention Center success?  What type of business do you adopt?

Quality without compromise. This is our business typology.

Our investment is not just about construction and equipment. We have invested in people, for people. We have 180 experienced specialists in this industry. We are talking about managers, event planners and technicians who have been training for years at the best schools in this domain from abroad. They are energetic, customer-oriented people who manage events of up to 7000 people, always increasing the quality of our services. For this reason, we are currently in business discussions, receiving more and more requests from a large number of companies from abroad to offer them our know-how.

10. What is the capacity of the complex?

The complex provides its clients with several spaces and each of them may be arranged according to the theme and number of participants.

Face has a capacity of 200-2000 people and has the most generous area (1700 sqm), Kusin (900 sqm) can accommodate 100-1000 people and Social (700 sqm) 100-1000 people. We also have an outdoor space - Forest - with an area of ​​1500 sqm and a capacity of 100-1500 people.

11. Why do companies choose to organize events at the Face Convention Center?

Basically, the Face Convention Center has redefined the notion of corporate event, and the companies that respect themselves have done nothing but embrace this concept.

The complex is located in the central area of ​​Bucharest (within Romexpo), being in close proximity to business hotels. Also, access to the most important business centers and the airport is easy.

As mentioned above, companies appreciate the exclusive interior design, along with the complete services we offer, always with a smile on our face.



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