UPDATE: NEPI Could Be Listed On Bucharest Bourse Next Week

05.23.2011 By Andrei Circhelan

South African property investment fund NEPI might be listed on the Bucharest bourse next week, and the operation's brokers--BCR and Intercapital Invest--are already planning a road show, BCR said Monday in a news release.

"Since (the Bucharest bourse operator) approved the listing, we are considering floating NEPI in the first week of June. Within one week, the two brokers will hold a road show presenting the company to institutional investors," said Dan Weiler, director of corporate finance and investment banking at BCR.

The managing board of the Bucharest stock exchange approved the listing of South African property investment fund New Europe Property Investments, or NEPI, at a date to be announced later, the market operator said Monday.

NEPI has a portfolio which includes 33 properties worth a total EUR313.7 million, and it will be the first fund listed in the bourse segment newly created for REITs, or real estate investment trusts.

The group has 27 retail, office and industrial properties in Romania, evaluated at more than EUR297 million at the end of 2010.

NEPI is associated with South Africa's top realty group, Resilient Property Income Fund.


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