Bucharest Authority Awards EUR287M Street Maintenance Contracts

Update 05.20.2011 By Bostan Radu

The Bucharest Street Administration has awarded contracts for street maintenance and management for four years, worth a total 1.17 billion lei (EUR287 million, without VAT), to companies including Tehnologica Radion, Euro Construct Trading, Delta ACM and Eurovia Construct.

The project is made up of six packages, but only five frame-agreements have been signed, since one tender has been challenged.

The first package, worth RON281.8 million, was awarded to the association Tehnologica Radion-Pro Cons XXI. Tehnologica Radion is controlled by Theodor Berna, while Pro Cons XXI is owned by Corina Florentina Bonciog.

The second package, worth RON270.7 million, was won by the association of Euro Construct Trading 98, RCV Global Group, Swietelsky Constructii Feroviare and Pro Cons XXI.

Euro Construct is owned by Sorin Serban Vulpescu (60%) and Dan Besciu (40%); the main associates of RCV Global Group are Naomi Cristina Cristescu and Corneliu Nicolae, each with 49.5%; Swietelsky Constructii Feroviare is part of Austrian group Swietelsky.

The third package is worth RON194.8 million and was awarded to the association of Delta ACM 93, Eurovia-Construct International, Drum Concept and Global Service Proiect. Delta ACM is owned by Florea Diaconu. Eurovia's shareholders are Ilie Dan Cristescu (19.6%), Alexandra Ioana Stoiculescu (12.5%), Daniela Niculina Cristescu (12.5%), Danut Mircea Cazacu (37.5%) and the company Mixasphalt (17.8%). Drump Concept is owned by Elena Papura (51%) and Anca Ariadna Elena Grigoras (49%). The main associate of Global Service Proiect is Adrian Burlacu (95.8%).

Work on the fourth package will be carried out by Straco Grup and Strabag SRL, for RON194.4 million. Strabag is a member of the eponymous Austrian group, while Straco Grup is owned by Alexandru Horpos (35%), Traian Horpos (25%), Ioana Daniela Neacsu (10%), Vlad Ionel Vamesu (20%) and Mihaela Serban (10%).

Tehnologica Radion-Pro Cons XXI was also awarded the sixth package, for RON235 million.

Each contract is for between 27 and 41 major streets. The frame-contracts were awarded in early April. They are all funded by the local budget; their values do not include VAT.



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