Cheapest filling stations in Bucharest. The gap between a fill-up in Ferentari and one on Calea Dorobanţilor: 10 lei

05.05.2011 ZF English

Prices at the almost 50 gas stations owned by market leader Petrom (SNP.RO) in Bucharest vary from one station to the next, with savings that can be made between a fill-up at the most expensive filling station and the cheapest one at some 10 lei (EUR2.43).

Thus, the gap between a fill-up on Calea Dorobanţilor and one in Ferentari is the equivalent of a sandwich.

The most expensive Premium unleaded 95 petrol in the entire Petrom network in Bucharest is found at the station located on Calea Dorobanţilor, 180, an area known as a matter of fact for the extremely expensive coffee shops or for the high rents.

A litre of petrol costs 5.42 lei and a fill-up here comes to cost 271 lei, if taking into account a 50-litre tank.

At the opposite end is a filling station Petrom owns on 1 B, Toporaşi Street, connecting Prelungirea Ferentari and Şoseaua Giurgiului, in sector 5. A litre of petrol can be bought for 5.23 lei, which is almost 4% less. For the same 50-litre fill-up, savings that can be made amount to almost 10 lei.

At press time, Petrom representatives had not explained the elements causing fuel prices to vary from one filling station to the next. (EUR1=RON4.1065)


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