The 600 Young Managers Who Will Lead Romania

05.30.2011 ZF English

They started their career in the ‘90s, they are up to 40 years old, they are running businesses of several tens or even hundreds of millions of euros and they have stood out in the business world through their decisions.

BUSINESS Magazin is launching today the sixth edition of the "100 Top Young Executives" catalogue, presenting the success stories of the young executives and entrepreneurs who have managed to fare the two years of recession well. They are the ones who will help the economy stabilize and grow, and their decisions will mark the fate of several hundred or even thousand employees.

Each year, the publication presents 100 life stories of young managers, Romanians or expats, working in financial services, IT&C, industrial or consumer markets.

While some of them have worked their entire lives in the same company, others have chosen the path of entrepreneurship or have changed industries. Unlike young managers in Western Europe, who developed on an already mature market, Romanian managers started on entry-level positions in industries started from scratch.

Those working in banks say they had to move to Bucharest (as there were no branches elsewhere in the country) even before forex transactions started being conducted. Accumulated experience is now placing them on headhunters' shortlists.

Around 15% of the 500 managers included in the previous editions of the catalogue have been promoted, either inside their company, or abroad or in another company.


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