Romania’s Industrial Production Down 0.1% In May

07.10.2015 By Bogdan Neagu

Romania’s industrial production inched down in May against the previous month, but still was higher than in the same period of 2014, the country’s statistics institute INS said Friday.

The industrial production was down 0.1% in May, as the 5.4% decline in the utility sector couldn’t be offset by increases in the mining sector and the manufacturing industry. The production adjusted for the number of working days and seasonal factors in the mining sector went up 1.9% on the month, while manufacturing industry output rose 1.7% against April.

Compared with May 2014, the industrial production was up 2.6% in adjusted data, despite a 7.3% decline in the mining industry.

Manufacturing output rose 2.9% on the year in May, but production in the utility sector fell 0.2%, the data showed.

The adjusted industrial output rose 3.2% on the year in the January-May period, supported by growth in the manufacturing sector.

In unadjusted data, Romanian industrial production went up 1% on the month in May, but was 0.5% lower than in the same period of 2014.

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