Finance Ministry Plans To Cut 2,100 Jobs In Customs Authority and Financial Guard

05.24.2011 By Bostan Radu

Romania's Finance Ministry wants to cut 2,140 jobs in the National Customs Authority and the Financial Guard, according to two draft government decisions.

The ministry proposes cutting 1,427 jobs in the Customs Authority (31%) and 713 jobs in the Financial Guard (almost 40%).

The draft decision reorganizing the Customs Authority also says the executive managers and deputy executive managers of regional excise and customs offices, and of Bucharest offices, will be appointed by order of the president of revenue service ANAF, on the recommendation of the ANAF vice-president in charge of the Customs Authority. Currently, these positions are filled with the approval of the minister of finance.

The approval of the president of ANAF will only be necessary for the heads of customs offices, while other management positions will be filled directly by the ANAF vice-president in charge of the Customs Authority.


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