(P) Investment opportunity for the development of residential or industrial projects in the north of Bucharest

10.21.2021 ZF English

The opportunity is represented by 2 plots of land with a total area of 328,336 sqm, located in Ilfov county, Petresti village, Corbeanca commune, in a mixed area, both agricultural, semi-industrial and residential.

In recent years, the area has seen a development of the residential segment.

“According to the available urbanism certificate, it is allowed to build collective housing complexes, height regime Gf + 4F in continuous or discontinuous construction, but also individual housing complexes with a mixed area of housing, trade and services, height regime Ug + Gf + 2F and utilities.

The property is approximately 2 km from DN 1, in a quiet area, away from urban congestion. ”

The undersigned, CITR Ilfov Branch SPRL, registered in the Register of Professional Societies of the U.N.P.I.R. under no. RFO II 0718, having fiscal identification code RO 32639607, with the procedural headquarters of communication of the documents chosen in Bucharest, 4 Gara Herăstrău street, Building A, et. 3, Sector 2, e-mail: ilfov@citr.ro, appointed as judicial liquidator of the company RUPECO ENTERPRISES SRL (in bankruptcy, in bankruptcy, en faillite), having its headquarter in Bucharest, str. Traian, no. 2, Camera 3, Bl. F1, Sc. 4, Et. 6, Ap. 17-18, Sector 3, having fiscal code 21224361, registered at ORC under no. J40/4049/2007, by the Decision pronounced on 24.09.2021 in the file no. 38710/3/2018, pending before the Bucharest Tribunal 7th Civil Court, hereby ORGANIZES A PUBLIC AUCTION WITH OPEN OUTCRY AND RISING PRICE for the capitalization of the following package of assets:

Urban land, at a price of 4,500,000 EUR excluding VAT.

Crt. 1 - Land with a total area of 2,000 sqm, urban, category of use "construction yards", located in Corbeanca commune, Ilfov county (2,000 sqm area of documents and 1,881 sqm measured - according to extract land register 104113, Corbeanca, no. Cad. 2613).

Crt. 2 - Land with a total area of 326,336 sqm, urban, “other” use category, located in Corbeanca commune, Ilfov county (according to extract CF 107703, Corbeanca, no. Cad. 4513).

According to the regulations from PUG approved by HCL Corbeanca no. 12/2019, with extended validity through HCL no. 17/16.04.2021, the lands are located in Mp3 - mixed area - institutions, services and public equipment, services of general interest, trade, housing, agreement, hotel with max Gf + 4 levels.

According to the available urbanism certificate, it is allowed to build individual housing complexes arranged in isolation with a mixed area of housing, trade and services, height regime Ug + Gf + 2F and utilities.

The auction will take place by means of distance communication, on 26.10.2021 at 11:00. In case of non-adjudication, the auction will be repeated on 04.11.2021 at 11.00.

The participation guarantee is 10% of the starting price without VAT. The guarantee does not include VAT.

The complete details of the assets and the conditions that the bidders must meet in order to participate in the auction can be found in the Tender’s book related to the capitalization procedure. The purchase of the Tender’s book is mandatory for participation in the auction and is in the amount of RON 15,000 excluding VAT.

The tender registration documentation must be submitted electronically, with a signed notice, to the address by e-mail adrian.draghici@citr.ro, until 12.00 of the working day prior to the auction session.

Those interested can obtain additional data and information on the sales platform of the judicial liquidator sales.citr.ro / Searched asset Rupeco, at 0732.712.904 or at the e-mail address adrian.draghici@citr.ro.

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