Romania Plans To Sell RON2.5B, EUR200M Paper In April

03.29.2013 By Bogdan Neagu

Romania’s Finance Ministry plans to sell state paper worth 2.5 billion lei (EUR566 million) in April, down below RON3 billion raised a month earlier, but it added an auction for euro-denominated bonds for the local market, ministry data showed Friday.

The ministry has not scheduled any treasury bills auction for April as it plans to sell only bonds, with maturities between two and ten years.

On April 11, the ministry will reopen a February 2016 euro-denominated bond, targeting EUR200 million.

So far in 2013, Romania sold RON18.42 billion in leu-denominated notes and EUR502.5 million at a three-year euro-denominated auction on the local market. Additionally, the ministry tapped international markets for $1.5 billion at a US dollar-bond auction in February. (EUR1=RON4.4154)


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