Franks: Romania To Free Gas Prices Gradually By 2015

05.09.2011 By Andrei Circhelan

Romania will free the natural gas market in stages by 2013 for companies and between 2013 and 2015 for household consumers, Monday said Jeffrey Franks, the head of the IMF delegation to Romania.

"The decision was to adjust prices in time, at first for companies and later for household consumers. For companies, the decision was to adjust prices gradually, until 2013, and for household consumers, later, until 2015," Franks said.

Previously, he said authorities would align to the European definition of household consumer and the categories receiving subsidy.

In addition, the head of the European Commission's mission to Romania, Istvan Szekely, said the price liberalization formulas will have to be set up in the near future.


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