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06.23.2014 ZF English

Ziarul Financiar has launched the first edition of the Logistics & Transports Annual Report.

Transportation and Logistics – Fast-paced recovery in 2014? 

The transportation industry put at more than 6.5 billion euros (freight transportation) and almost 2 billion euros (passenger transportation) comes after four years of growth. One of its driving factors was the logistics companies, which consolidated their business and made investments in new warehouses and logistics centers.

As transportation cost increases, more and more companies will choose to go with regional production and the low costs in Romania will attract new investors. Bigger production means greater demand for services provided by logistics and transportation companies. As new investments come up such as those made by Daimler in Sebes, by Bosch and DeLonghi in Cluj, logistics and transportation companies, too, will invest in warehouses and trucks to meet with demand. Moreover, local carriers are looking to expand abroad, in both Western Europe and Asia, where they can make higher profits.

  What is the key to successful survival in the transportation industry, how can this industry be supported considering highways are not built as fast as the private sector would like to and rail transportation is becoming increasingly less competitive?

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