Federation Of Agricultural Producers Warns Food Prices Will Go Up

05.22.2011 By Ioana Tudor

The National Federation of Romanian Agricultural Producers (FNPAR) warned that the unfavorable weather conditions and lack of agricultural strategies will force up food prices in the upcoming period.

Data show the rye production will decrease by 22.9% this year compared to 2010, the rape production will drop 22% and the oleaginous plant production by 7.6%, FNPAR leader Vorel Matei said in a press release.

He pointed out that the country's irrigation system is not functional.

The federation called on the ministry to draw up viable agricultural strategies to help the agriculture sector and prevent food prices from rising.

Agriculture Minister Valeriu Tabara said in April there is no reason why food prices should go up significantly this year.

Tabara said prices will remain more or less constant, since producers are able to cover their costs and turn a profit.

The shelf prices of food, he said, might go down if Romania can build an integrated farming system.


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